Do seminars and workshops provide real learning value for managers? The workplace is rapidly changing and information needs to be customised in order to meet the diverse needs of all fitness Industry.

Conferences, workshops and seminars therefore have a very important place in the workplace.
What are the benefits of attending workshops and seminars?

  • They allow trainers to get updated information on key .They are valuable for trainers and Personal Trainers.
  • They allow trainers and Personal Trainers to have issues addressed on a specific topic by recognised experts who are up to date with the latest developments in the field.
  • They are very appropriate in an era in which people do not have time to read a number of books by experts. They can spend a reasonably short period of time and get substantial information on a topic they have an interest in. The speakers, who specialize in these fields, have already done the sifting and selection of information from a wide variety of sources. They then present the trainers and Personal Trainers with those aspects that are particularly relevant in the current workplace environment.
  • They create learning communities that bring together trainers and Personal Trainers from like-minded companies.
  • The learning environment encourages delegates to exchange experiences,ideas and practices from their own knowledge.
  • WG Institute add a great deal of value by identifying appropriate speakers (who have the necessary subject matter expertise, practical experience in implementation, as well as the ability to engage audiences in workshops/seminars in an interesting way that stimulates thought and debate).

We are conducting Following Workshops and Seminars:

  1. Fitness Instructor Training Course
  2. Special Populations
  3. Dynamic Power Yoga
  4. Ashtang Power Yoga
  5. Yog Pilates


Big Boss Gym Andheri Poweryoga Workshop

Mira Road WGI Poweryoga Workshop

Mumbai Fitness Sewri Ex.Physiology Workshop

Regius Gym Dadar Yogpilates Workshop

Golds Gym Sangli Yoga Workshop



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