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    Best institute for short & rapid teaching of Ashtanga Yoga .A comprehensive yoga course that teaches how to train a client / student in a right way. Dynamic Power Yoga also equips to design a very effective Weight loss programme , you can develop 100+ programmes , that can be followed for faster weight loss. Power Yoga has been widely endorsed by many celebrities for effective weight loss & stamina building.

    Best Academy to provide 2 certificate in 1 course at most affordable rate in (Indian market).

    Certificate 1 : Ashtanga Yoga Teacher’s Training Certification Course

    • History and Origin of Ashtanga Yoga
    • Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga
    • Warmup & Stretching
    • Standing Asanas
    • Seated Asanas
    • Lying Down Asanas
    • Special Population
    • Meditation
    • Pranayam

    Certificate 2 : Dynamic Power Yoga Certification Course

    • History and Origin of Power Yoga
    • Benefits of Power Yoga
    • Warm-up & Stretching
    • Suryanamaskar (Standing Suryanamaskar)
    • Suryanamaskar (Seated Suryanamaskar)
    • Static Modules
    • Resistance Modules
    • Dynamic I and II Modules
    • Props Modules
    • Plyometric Modules
    • Combo Modules
    • Add Ons
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