Become a Pilates Yoga Trainer


A high energy partnership of physical and spiritual exercise techniques. The pilates method is known for improving flexibility strength and spinal alignment.


  • No. of lectures: 6 (3hrs each)
  • Time Duration: 18 Hrs.
  • Lecture Scheduling: 3 days a week or twice a week or only sunday


    • Introduction of Yog and Pilates
    • History of Yog
    • History of Pilates
    • Benefits & Importance of Flexibility
    • Importance of Core Stability
    • Importance of Good Posture
    • Benefits of Proper Breathing
    • Importance of Spine Flexibility
    • Role of Hip-Flexor
    • Stretching of Hip-Flexor
    • Spine Flexbility
    • Suryanamaskar
    • The Fundamentals of Pilates
    • The Principals of Pilates
    • Basic Movements of Pilates and Yogasan
    • Hundred
    • Roll Up
    • Single Leg Stretch
    • Rolling Back
    • The Swan Dive
    • Scissors
    • Shoulder Bridge
    • Spine Twist
    • The Side Kick
    • Swimming
    • The Leg Pull
    • The side Bend
    • Glossary
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