Dynamic Power Yoga

Become a Power Yoga Trainer


Fusion of Suryanamaskar with functional training, kick boxing and weight training.


  • No. of lectures: 6 (3hrs each)
  • Time Duration: 18 Hrs.
  • Lecture Scheduling: 3 days a week or twice a week or only sunday
  • Accredited ByIAO Certificate


  • History and Origin of Power Yoga
  • Benefits of Power Yoga
  • Warm-up & Stretching
  • Suryanamaskar (Standing Suryanamaskar)
  • Suryanamaskar (Seated Suryanamaskar)
  • Static Modules
  • Resistance Modules
  • Dynamic I and II Modules
  • Props Modules
  • Plyometric Modules
  • Combo Modules
  • Add Ons
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